Thursday, December 22, 2011

Attention Capturing Title Here

I love writing titles. They're one of the best parts of stories. My sister (an English major) taught me that if you have an attention grabbing title and an attention holding introduction you have the foundations of a good story. Now that my blog has drawn your attention, I hope to hold it for a bit. My title has a story and so does my opening of a new blog (this is not my first time blogging). My title comes from a sweet way my mother began ending some e-mails to me. She would tell me, "Love you boldly and Brashly!" I've been rather keen to it ever since. My desire for beginning a new blog came from some fun hobbies I've picked up in my spare time that I desire to share with friends and family. I have a unquenchable desire to bake, and a fervor for learning new tricks in the kitchen and with crafts. I enjoy making something out of nothing and no instructions to do it! Hopefully some of the things I post can be enjoyable and useful for you, my reader, as well. Of course, a good blog would be silly if it didn't contain the usual personal anecdotes; I have too many thoughts to not speak them. Any who, I look forward to posting and hearing back from you! I know you have thoughts too... I do hope you speak them too.

Boldly and Brashly with love,
Mrs. P

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