Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Way to Love

Well it's a new year and while I still feel the same, look the same, and haven't aged more than 4 days since the turn of the year the new year will always seem like an opportunity for a new beginning. A clean slate to continue life on, as if we muddy up one all year just to try to muddy it up less the next. Like I said though, I'm still very much the same person. Just because it's a new year doesn't necessarily mean I get a chance to take back what I said to my husband 6 months ago during that argument or a second chance on that paper I should have put more effort into. It doesn't mean I can decide to save my money instead of have spent it and it won't give me back missed opportunities to be with friends or family. It also won't give me back a grueling 11 months of planning a wedding that I wish I had asked for more help on when I needed it, settled on ideas instead of flip flopping and focused more on the fact that I was spending the rest of my life with my fiancé not the wedding day itself. The new year does not offer second chances on time past but it offers us an opportunity to live with fewer regrets in remembrance of times past. Time wise the new year helps us to stay on track with our new goals we wish to accomplish. You really do start from square one on January first. This is how I see it anyway.

I have a list of things I desire to do differently this year, and I owe some of the credit to a book my husband and I have been reading, The Love Dare, as well as a book called Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young. Jesus Calling was written out of Sarah Young's personal journaling during her devotional time in the Bible. She realized that when she would simply sit in silence and seek God's voice she could her Him speaking to her. Some of it was God speaking to her through her specific circumstance at the time and some was Him speaking his already written word to her. So everyday's entry is written as she heard Him tell it to her; it's like He's speaking directly to you and I love it! In the entry for January first God is telling you that this is a New Year and a new opportunity to draw closer to Him. A new opportunity to let Him guide our paths and to truly seek His plans. It is a chance to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and through the refreshment of a new beginning.

The Love Dare is something my husband Cody and I have been doing for about two weeks now. Everyday it challenges us to love in a new way by being less selfish and cherishing each other for every intricate trait God so perfectly designed us to have. It is a chance for Cody and I to start on a firm foundation of Godly relational principles and it has been very effective for us. We have loved watching our relationship mature and our love grow simply by praying together, being in the word, and choosing to love more often than win.

Continuing through these books are one goal I have for the year here are a few more:

{Choose to go above and beyond for my husband because he is greatly cherished and deserves it
{Eat healthier
{Be consistent about exercise
{Become a morning person again
{Less sweets for me and more for others who could just use a kind gesture
{Save better
{Be content
{Say thank you, and I forgive you more
{Make fewer excuses about why I stink at staying in contact
{Spend time journaling to God
{Continue contemplating learning how to sew
{Write the six some DIY blogs I have been meaning to write :)
{Learn to pray more often, more fervently, and less selfishly

And I'm sure there is more but this is some of what I hope to improve about myself in 2012. Sorry I mean, these are what I will release to God so He can be the transforming power that makes it all stick. To Him be all the Glory.

Boldy and Brashly with love,

Mrs. P

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