Friday, January 13, 2012

The Tale of the Elusive Nutty Bavarian

The following tale is completely over exaggerated and a bit irrational. But now that you've been warned, I will tell it to you anyway.
In most towns you can almost smell Christmas coming, weeks before it's arrival. You can expect to see street lights dressed in piny garland and white lights and some radio stations begin to sneak "Mary Did You Know," into their play lists maybe once an hour or so. Young ones begin to make their grocery list of toy wants while older ones plot newer more elaborate theories on how "Santa" arrives to fill their younger siblings minds with. Slowly, you arrange your house artificial tree by tree and vow to develop a more full proof plan for hiding presents this year. 

Me? I see it in the mall. Oh yes, massive hanging snowflakes arranged in the high ceilings, the Chik-Fil-A Cow now donning a red and white fuzzed cap.  Store windows are glittering with artificial snow and signs pop-up everywhere telling you that, "Snuggies make great gifts during this cold holiday season!!" All of these things are pretty good warning signs that everyone has forgotten it's still November and that Christmas is coming.  But the best, most distinct and until recently, most elusive sign of them all is... The Nutty Bavarian!!! (Cue power going out and loud lighting and thunder) 

Ahhhh, the Nutty Bavarian cart.  Sweet smells of roasted almonds, pecans and peanuts. Cinnamon filling the hallways and capturing your nostrils like a... a... cinnamon scented thing might capture ones senses... Hmmm. Anyway, it's intoxicating and if you've ever been around one you know what I mean when I say that every time someone buys a bag of these cinnamon roasted gems, an angel gets its wings! The mall in Joplin, MO would get one of these vendors only around the Christmas season. For 3 years I walked the halls of this mall, smelling heavens nutty treasures, but alas I could not find where the cart was!! Seriously, I walked from one end to the other and this sucker was hidden really stinking well. Until one glorious day, they put it smack dab in the middle of the mall!! And it was up, for two years straight!!! However, this took some of the magic away from them as they were no longer rare and there was a lesser need to make them last. But nonetheless, my quest was complete. Then I discovered Pinterest and I learned how to make them myself. The End!

I don't want to take credit for something I did not create myself. While the pictures I post will be of my own finished product, for the crafts or foods I used specifically through Pinterest I will include the link I found them from. I figure I can help support another person's crafting and culinary discoveries and for mine I can give tutorials to help you create your own or if you live close I can spend time creating them for you too!

Cinnamon Sugar Almonds

I made some of these for my wedding as well and they were a huge hit! No lie, it is hard to beat those vendors but this is a cheaper way to get something very close and in a larger quantity.  Super easy and super good. This is a batch I helped my sister make for her Bavarian Nut addicted husband. He approved :) Happy Baking!

Link to recipe:

Boldly and Brashly with love,
Mrs. P

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