Monday, June 11, 2012

I Should Have Kept a Day Job

If anyone ever tells you it is so great to not have to work... they either have kids, worked for over 40 years, hated every job they ever had and are over the whole work thing, or they're lying. Seriously though, I had a poor work ethic early in my working age and in my last job I worked faithfully committed to it for 2 years. I loved my job as a nanny. If you've never experienced royally nasty diapers, baby puke, a child peeing on white carpet, playing in tadpole poop or eating an already partially eaten yogurt covered raisin, then you haven't lived!! I really enjoyed watching two sweet girls grow and show me a little bit of what motherhood will be like someday. It was the best job I've ever had. I would have been there longer but my Cody got a new job in Oklahoma so I had to part with that wonderful family.
Since then I have not been working. This might seem like a luxury to some people but to me it is beginning to seem like a drag.  Oh and did I mention that we are a one car household. You don't know how awesome that is until you have to run to the store for curtain rods and your only form of transportation is a bicycle and the only way out of your drive way is through a group of construction workers. Mmmm yeah.  Well having one vehicle (which my husband drives) and one working partner (which is my husband) means one of us gets dooped. At first it was nice; I could exercise for 2 hours in the middle of the day and take naps and sleep in. But I had to have something to do between all of that. You might be thinking, "Oh gosh if that is the problem well then just get a hobby dum-dum." HA! Remember the part about bikes and curtain rods. Having a hobby is a good idea if you have the materials to maintain that hobby. In fact let me share with you some of my attempts at developing a hobby. Ehem:
Attempt 1: Selling Mary Kay.
2: Running
3: Walking
4: Biking
5: Selling Mary Kay for half the retail price because I want nothing to do with it anymore.
6: Organizing the Mary Kay product to send it back to the company because I thoroughly want nothing to do with it anymore.
7: Organizing my house
8: Spring cleaning, which I had done in winter, spring and summer.
9: Crafts
10: Yardwork... like so much yardwork a little old lady across from us gave us banana bread as a thank you for cutting down some of the forest around our house.
11: Biking again
12: Watching every movie we own at least 2 times each...
13: Budgeting and organizing reciepts.
14: I went to a school that hoped you read a 300-500 page book in one month and in two months have read 6 books of equal page length for leisure.

I could go on but I think you get the idea. My creativity has plummeted as time goes on but not all of my attempts at filling time have gone in vain! I learned that I could probably sweep our floors once a week rather than everyday. I learned that some spiders refuse to die despite the repelent you use on them. And I learned that for some people putting hundreds of random nails into a wall is a fun hobby and a fun little gift to leave for whoever moves into the house next and is looking for something to do one day and decides to enjoy undoing what you decided would be hours of fun doing :) P.s. I did the nail pulling. Not the nail placing.

On a more serious note though, I say I have done a lot and tend to think this free time is a bit much but honestly I could be doing so much more with it. I haven't done anything to boost my spiritual walk. I have a crazy amount of time I could spend with God rather than watching movies. I could fill my iPod with Christian music and bask in God's praises while I walk. I could pray and pray and pray till my knees go numb. I could write people notes of encouragement throughout their week. I could call someone up to simply ask if they need prayer for anything. I could volunteer somewhere. I could spend hours in devotional time with my Father. I could read the Bible 6 times for more than leisure. There is so much I have overlooked in my desire to fill my time. Perhaps I need to challenge myself to keep the movies off and put devotionals on my Kindle. I never sit in silence anymore. I'm bored but I have no reason to be. If anything I'm neglectful of my relationship with God. I have so much I could be doing for Him!! So much to pray for and so much to ask God's guidance on.

Honestly not having to work is a blessing of another kind when you are using the time you have wisely. Some of you work 40 hour weeks; could you imagine what you would do with 40 hours of free time? I am ashamed to admit I have been so blind and ungrateful but I share so that maybe you could change your perspective on your free time too. Don't waste your time simply finding ways to fill it. Fill your time with the One who fills you.

I am going to do a 30 day challenge, "Three of Your Free". Three hours of my day dedicated to reading God's word, prayer, praise, or simply meditation. Whatever, however but at least 3 hours out of the day. I'd like for you to join me too! Three hours is easy. Imagine the amount of TV, Facebook or leisure reading you do. Or even that hour long work out. Fit prayer into your work out, the Bible into your reading and instead of Facebook and TV sit outside and reflect on God's nature, His promises, His goodness in your life and in others'. I owe Him so much and have given so little. It's time to make God a consistent passion in my life. I suddenly see that not having to work is so great! And that is no lie ;)

If you join in my challenge I'd love to hear how you are doing and what God shows you during this time. Write me on Facebook about your experience!

Boldly and brashly with love,
Mrs. P

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